Route 1 Audio x Bassport FM presents …BASSLAB!

Come down and see us on 28th November at Surya, London 

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So last week I was going through my Twitter feed and a post caught my eye from @beatsbydre. It was advertising a 5k run in London on Sunday 25th October. I have been meaning to get back in to running and thought 5k is a nice starter run, to get back in the swing of things (Go see my Edinburgh Marathon blogging here). I signed up thinking I’d pay £20-30, get a t shirt and medal and it’d be like run to the beat is. Once I signed up there wasn’t any payment and asked for a t shirt size. So I instantly thought result. Free run and t shirt. It wasn’t till the next day when searching around I found out I had been one of the lucky 500 people to get in to this run. I did try sign my fiancée up for it but was too late, barely 10 hours later. I was seeing that it said to pick up your “power beats Bluetooth earphones” prior to run. Now I looked them up and they’re like £150 so I was thinking “oh god, so I have to buy some?”. It was all hush hush at this point and all they said was its Sunday 6pm in East London. They would tell us the actual location in due time. I got an email a few days before telling me it was at the tobacco docks, that we get FREE power eats headphones and a t shirt. BUZZING!! 

Anyways, yesterday was the run day and it was going on in 4 city’s across the world. 





We was all going to be running at the same time simultaneously. Great concept! I rocked up 4:30pm to check in (wanting to make sure I was early in case the free earphones run out). It was amazing, the whole place was kitted out, beats radio was playing. I went in, registered with my ID, got a wristband then grabbed my free T shirt. They then forwarded me to grab my earphones. Then around 5:50pm they moved us to the start line. The race got going around 6:15. I think I got through around 6:25 as they were only letting small sections of the runners go at a time. 

The run was a great one actually! Round the docks, near tower bridge then a massive loop back to the start line. The stewards was enthusiastic and was a really fun and well organised run. 

We finished, grabbed a medal, drink and food then headed upstairs. They had a DJ, champagne for runners and guests along with photo booths to grab a photo with your medal. 

It genuinely was a great evening. I really enjoyed myself and would love to do it again next year if they do it again. Massive thanks to beats. The power beats are so handy and perfect for running as they’re wireless. Good fun!